Design and creative direction for Juventus HERO Collection.
In the Juventus HERO Collection, the concept and artwork is focused on celebrating the club's legacy. Drawing inspiration from the classic black and white colours that symbolise Juventus tradition, the design incorporates a contemporary twist inspired by away kits featuring pink and yellow accents.
The HERO collection not only pays homage to the timeless essence of the club but also adds a playful vibrancy reflecting Juventus's commitment to innovation. Adorned with the symbols of the heroes of Juventus past, the collection embodies a blend of history and tradition, with a modern, vibrant design ethos. Shot in Turin, Italy.
Photography: Tom Joy
Each garment from LEGACIES comes with a special feature: a 'digital twin' NFT embedded within the neck label.
This NFT serves as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, linking the tangible garment to an immersive experience within the LEGACIES App.
For the Juventus marketing materials, our goal was to fuse the playful design and vibrant colours with eye-catching visuals that go beyond the traditional black and white of Juventus.
We aimed to amplify the effect of the vibrant colour palette, using the chance to delve into captivating visuals that juxtapose the black and white with vibrant yellows and pinks. This brought the idea of a ‘splash of colour’ onto the ordinary black and white offerings. This collection served as a perfect platform to use the unique colour palette within Juventus branding whilst honouring their traditional recognisable elements.​​​​​​​
This inspired the concept of a "splash of colour” to the otherwise conventional black and white offerings. 

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