Creative Direction for Inter.
The Renaissance collection finds its roots in the detailed artistry of Maiolica pottery, a nod to the rich heritage of both Inter and the city of Milan. What sets this collection apart is the seamless integration of these timeless elements with forward thinking design hues, resulting in a design that harmoniously marries tradition and innovation.
The intricate patterns and cultural motifs woven into each piece serve as a visual narrative, capturing the essence of elegance and underscoring Inter's commitment to excellence.
This collection captures the club's history but also the dynamic spirit of Milan, forming a uniform that speaks to the past and present of the Nerazzurri.
Graphic Design: Mike Meikleham / Photography: Tom Joy
Each garment from LEGACIES comes with a special feature: a 'digital twin' NFT embedded within the neck label.
This NFT serves as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, linking the tangible garment to an immersive experience within the LEGACIES App.
Drawing inspiration from Milan's couture fashion background, our aim was to infuse the sophistication of Milanese shopping into our marketing material. Our goal was to showcase the packaging elements while meticulously adhering to the brand guidelines of Inter and maintaining the unique identity of Legacies.

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